Sovereign of the Seven Seas

Sovereign of the Seven Seas is online gambling game with five reels, forty paylines and two hundred coins. It has a range of unique bonus games and other exciting features.

How to Play Sovereign of the Seven Seas
The objective of Sovereign of the Seven Seas is to bet coins on lines that result in matching up symbols. When a symbol matches, the player wins the prize displayed.

The player choses how many lines they wish to bet on, then how many coins they wish to bet on each line.

The player can use the Autoplay feature to play the game continuously again and again without needing to click the ‘spin’ button repeatedly.

Features of Sovereign of the Seven Seas

Sovereign of the Seven Seas features a variety of exciting things that make it unique among online gaming options. One of these is the ‘lady’ symbol that serves as an expanding wild symbol. It will appear on the second, third and fourth reel and serve to complete a sequence that the reels have arrived at, giving the player that prize.

The cannon symbol in Sovereign of the Seven Seas acts as a scatter symbol. It allows the player to complete a winning scatter combination. The cannon, cannot however, serves as a wild symbol.

What the cannon can do is enable the bonus games that Sovereign of the Seven Seas provides. There are several objects presented to the player that allow them to win free spins in the game or a random multiplier for their prize.

These bonus games can award up to twenty free spins and a 4 time multiplier to the prize that the player had already won on that spin.

Free spins can also be reactivated if the player reaches a bonus round once they return to the regular play.

Sovereign of the Seven Seas offers a double up feature to players that allows keep doubling their prizes until the win limit is reached. This feature automatically collects the player’s winnings.

There are a great many customizable controls for the player on Sovereign of the Seven Seas. They can switch the gamble feature on and off, control sound settings. They can also control the order in which the reels stop spinning and change how their avatar appears.

Rules of the Game

Five coins can be bet on each line.

Players can see the statistics of the game and their winnings by clicking on the statistics button to show what their ratio is.

Scatter combinations can appear on any reel.

The player’s winnings are calculated with a formula that takes into account the amount of coins bet times the value of each coin.

As with many online games of this type, if the game malfunctions, all prizes on that spin are void.

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