Net Entertainment’s take over the space theme resulted in Space Enigma, which consists of modern graphics and a stellar theme. Find it at Jackpot Paradise. 

Game features

The backdrop of Space Enigma is instantly recognizable as it follows the theme of space along with a sky and some celestial bodies. 5 reels are a part of the slot which displays gemstones as a symbol. Distinctive colour coding techniques are used to differentiate the regular symbols from the special ones. The regular cards display blue, green, purple, pink and turquoise coloured gemstones. Whereas, the special cards come in either red or yellow colours. 

An interesting thing to notice is that Space Enigma pays both ways – right to left or left to right. In order to create a winning combination, five symbols have to be in accordance. This gives out 50 times the current stake in each line. As a result, this makes up for two times the amount as both directions are considered in the single reel. 

As the game has 10 lines, filling those up with wild symbols and making use of them at the correct time, the stakes can be further multiplied to an even larger extent, resulting in increasing the total payouts. 

Special features

Expanding wild symbols and respin opportunities form the special features of Space Enigma. The star symbol is treated at the Wild card. It is reserved for the middle reels of second, third, and fourth places. The star works in enhancing the existing combination on the screen and does not work on its own due to the limited allocation. 

The star symbol expands when it appears any particular reel and takes over the remaining places. At this point, respins can be availed by the players. If another star symbol lands in this, an additional respin is rewarded. The maximum number of respins allowed in one go is 3. 

Bonus features

As the stakes double up in case the player strikes a winning combination, payouts become noticeably higher than usual. By availing more respins, the player can take a shot at better returns as the payouts are done in two ways, therefore, by creating winning frames within the 10 paylines, one can make the best out of the game. 


A majority of the credits of Space Enigma being popular go to the appealing theme and background along with high volatility. Thus, the game is worth playing! 

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