Space Evader Gold

Space Evader Gold is an online gambling game that lets a player win money through in instant win board game.

How to Play Space Evader Gold

Space Evader Gold allows the player to move along the board to win credits. There are squares that the player can land on that give prizes and allow further turns to happen. Among these are Continue, Death, Jackpot, Jump and Prize. Each one results in a different outcome for the player.

If you land on a ‘death’ symbol you can roll to play again. If you the roll fails, you cannot continue the game. The player will win the last prize that they pass in Space Evader Gold.

The ‘continue’ square allows the player to carry on playing and have another chance. The player can roll the dice again if they have not reached the maximum amount of turns.

‘Jackpot’ is signified by a golden crystal symbol. If the player land of this square the game will spin the jackpot wheel to display the winner’s prize. The prize the player wins will be up to the credit limit of the game.

‘Jump’ advances the player to the next square of the same color further along the board.

If the player lands on or passes a ‘prize’ square, the player wins the prize displayed.

Features of Space Evader Gold

Space Evader Gold allows a player to win up to two thousand credits.

It features a variety of possible outcomes and names squares that allow the player to win a prize, keep playing, or play again.

Rules of the Game

The player can only bet in Space Evader Gold on one card at a time.

The moves along the board in the game can only be in a forward direction. However, all prizes passed are won as well as prizes landed on.

A malfunction in Space Evader Gold voids and negates all moneys and free turns won in that turn.

The payouts in Space Evader Gold are in credits.

The last prize that a player wins in Space Evader Gold will be the last value the player won.

The player can only win the winning combination, not the sum total of all combinations. If more than one prize is shown, the player will win the highest value.

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