Spanish Blackjack Gold

Spanish Blackjack Gold is an online blackjack game that allows the player to win prizes. It is player with eight decks of forty eight cards that are shuffled before each game. It features a dealer hole card.

How to Play Spanish Blackjack Gold

The objective of Spanish Blackjack Gold is to beat the value of the dealers hand without going bust (exceeding 21) or by the dealer going bust. Whoever is closest to 21 without going over, wins.

If the players hand is in the form of a bonus combination, they can win the bonus games.

Features of Spanish Blackjack Gold
Spanish Blackjack Gold allows the player to split on two cards that share the same value.

The player can double down after a split, and they can also insure their hand.

The player is able to late surrender in Spanish Blackjack Gold, which means they can elect not to play after the dealer has checked their cards.

In Spanish Blackjack Gold, the dealer hits on a soft 17, which means that a hand that has an ace with a value of 11.

Rules of the Game

A blackjack pays out a three to two ratio in Spanish Blackjack Gold. A standard win is one to one and an insurance win is two to one.

There are also large bonus payments available in the game. Three sevens of the same suit with a dealer who has a face up seven pays out fifty to one. A five card 21 pays three to two, as does a six, seven and eight of a mixed suit and three sevens of a mixed suit.

The dealer in Spanish Blackjack Gold is dealt 2 cards, one up and one face down.

A blackjack i.e. two cards that equal 21 is the strongest hand in Spanish Blackjack Gold and stands automatically.

Face cards have a value of 10, and an ace can have a value of 11 or 1, depending on which is more advantageous to the bearer.

If the player splits a pair of aces, and the next drawn card is a face card, this does not count as a blackjack

The player can split a maximum of three times, equaling four hands.

If a player gets eleven cards and still does not have a value of 21, the hand automatically stands on that number.

If a players hand and the dealers hand both have a value of 21, this is known as a push and the player wins.

If both the dealers and the player’s hands have the same value, the hand is considered a draw and the money is returned to the player.

A malfunction voids the game and no prizes will be awarded.

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