Spanish Eyes

Spanish Eyes is a five reel slot machine that can be played on the internet. It has multiple pay lines and bonus games that allow the player to win in different ways.

How to Play Spanish Eyes

The player chooses the amount they wish to bet using the – and + buttons, then activated the reels by pressing ‘spin’.

Autoplay can also be selected to play the game multiple times without having to keep clicking ‘spin’. Autoplay can be used to spin the reels between five and five hundred times.

‘Balance’ displays the current amount of credit the player holds.

Info displays the amounts paid out when different symbols are presented.

Features of Spanish Eyes

Spanish Eyes features a free games feature that is activated when three or more ‘scattered flowers’ appear from left to right. A flower must appear in the left most box to start the sequence. This allows the player to play 12 free games wherein all the prizes the player wins will the tripled. In addition, if the scatted flowers appear again left to right in any of these 12 spins, the bonus round can be triggered again.

This bonus game, when triggered multiple times, can win the player up to a hundred times the player’s original bet in Spanish Eyes.

Spanish Eyes also features a pick and win mini game. This game is triggered by a girl symbol appearing in any of the lines that the player has selected. The player will have the chance to select one of a variety of symbols. Each symbol will reveal a prize that may be credit or a multiple of the player’s original bet.

Rules of the Game

There are twenty five possible lines that a player can bet on with the credit they have selected.

Paylines pay out the amount that they players have selected to bet on each line.

Scatter lines multiple the players win by the amount the player has chosen to bet.

If different paylines all show an amount, the amounts are added together and this forms the player’s payout on that particular spin.

The girl symbol is wild, and can substitute for any other symbol with the exception of the scattered flower.

If multiple amounts are shown on a single payline, only the highest amount is paid out to the player.

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