Enjoy classic slot gaming with Sparks

Sparks from NetEnt is yet another attempt by the game developer to show the world that a slot game can be an instant hit even if it does not follow a storyline or has an assortment of features to offer. This slot game from NetEnt is based on the classic lines of slot gaming which means that while the game does not follow any storyline, it still has an agenda and that is simply to spin to win. The game just has 1 feature to offer players but can be played in 2 modes to make things interesting and rewarding enough.

Slot Specs

The Sparks slot game is a simple 5 reel and 3 rows slot game. The game has 20 paylines with 1 coin per payline. Each Payline can be adjusted between just 1p and £ 20. This means the entire game can be played between a stake range of 20p to £ 400. While this makes the game ideal for all kinds of players with all kinds of budgets, the returns in the game mainly depend on the mode it is being played in. Though the RTP does not have a huge difference between the 2 modes, practically speaking the 2nd mode favours players.

Game Features and Modes

As fars as the features in Sparks go, the game just has 1 feature which is the expanding clone wild. This feature works in such a way that whenever it falls on a slot, it clones the symbol to its right and left making them wilds too, and giving you 3 reels with in a row with a wild. Needless to say, getting winning combos thanks to this feature is no big deal once it does fall into your slots.

The 2 modes in which the game can be played are the win one way and win both ways mode. While the game counts symbols only in the conventional way, which is from left to right in the win one way mode, it counts the symbols in both ways on the win 2 ways mode. The win 2 ways mode gives an added edge to the player to get winning combos, but the game has been designed such that the RTP does not vary a lot for both modes.


Sparks is a cleverly designed game from NetEnt that has the true spirit of gambling embedded into it. This makes the game wildly popular among some people and unpopular among others. But the truth is that the game is pretty good to try a few spins in, but can be a little monotonous if you plan on playing the game in a continuous streak of spins.

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