Speed Baccarat B Live is an Evolution Gaming product that is mainly designed to speed up gameplay as much as is practical. To that end, time-wasting activities and procedures are eliminated here, with the gameplay being consequently fast enough to drag-race with a rocket!

Gameplay here lasts just 27 seconds, instead of the nearly 50 seconds found in standard baccarat games from the stables of the same game developer. There are no squeeze options or multiple camera views available. or anything else that could potentially interfere with the speed of the game.

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Speedy Thrills Aplenty In Speed Baccarat B Live!
Standard baccarat rules are applicable in Speed Baccarat B Live and no free/demo mode is supported where players can try out what’s on offer for free. Gameplay is achieved on a standard blackjack table, with 8 decks of cards being used. The said table supports a few side bet options, but there is no random shuffle mode.

The onscreen action is so speedy that players are allowed only a dozen seconds to make their wagers. The live action is streamed from a lavishly appointed studio and hosted by dealers who are quite easy on the eyes.

The game proper begins when the dealer deals a couple of cards face-up to both the player and the banker. If a third card is required, this too is dealt by the dealer with no waiting around like in standard blackjack.

After all the cards have been dealt, the gameplay results are evaluated and announced by the dealer. Either the player or banker can win, or a tie is recorded.

Once the winners are announced, the winning bets are paid off and the next round begins at once.

Final Thoughts

Speed Baccarat B Live is just one baccarat game that has made it from the stables of Evolution Gaming, with its apparent mandate being to deliver speedy and solid thrills! Gameplay here is made easy by the adoption of standard blackjack rules and the fact that it can be accessed by both PC and mobile players will only serve to boost its appeal.

Overall, Speed Baccarat B Live provides a fix even an adrenaline junkie could get off on and offers lots of high-grade and very fast-paced gameplay that’s bound to keep players of all stripes engaged for long.

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