The unique Spinball slot from Tom Horn Gaming is based on the original Pinball machine that was an extensive hit in conventional casinos for many decades. Check out the modern version at Jackpot Paradise casino online. 

Basic features 

The theme of this game is the popular pinball game, the various versions of which are already popular. Spinball is the slots version of the original. The layout is very simple and comes with a pinball machine. There is a small ball inside and paddles at the bottom; players have to use the paddles at the bottom to ensure that the ball stays inside the machine. Different areas of the machine have different components, and when the ball strikes against the various components, the players are awarded the respective payouts. 

Thus, it is obvious that the design is quite unique and nothing like the online video slots that we are used with reels, rows, symbol and paylines. Players get wins depending on their ability to keep the ball from falling down and operating the paddles in such a way that the ball strikes the areas that the player prefers.

Overall, the look, the design, the quality graphics and the familiar music reminiscent of the original game playing in the background all add to the experience, excitement and nostalgia. 

Special features 

Though this unique slots game comes with special features, they are unlike any other and are helpful in maximizing wins. There are two special features available in the game: 

  • Bouncers that are available at the top of the machines and provide 2 times the bet
  • Boosters that are available at the left side of the machine and provide 3 times the bet. 

Bonus features 

The Spinball slot game comes with the popular free spins bonus, but unlike in the normal slots players have to earn the free spins. 5 free spins are awarded every time the pinball enters the free spins zone located at the top right of the machine. So, every time the player needs free spins he/she simply has to manoeuvre the ball into the free spins zone. 


Thus this slot game comes with a unique and nostalgic design and yet has all the features that make slot games as popular as they are. If you ever played the original this modern remake is definitely worth checking!

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