Spingo is a game of chance that allows a player to win prizes with a bingo theme.

It has a roulette betting area and colored pockets. It has multiple betting types.

How to Play Spingo

The player first selects the bet they want to wager by selecting the chip size. This is done by pressing the – and + keys until the value desired is reached.

Once the player is happy with the bet, they press the ‘spin’

The player wins the prize named in the pocket in which the ball stops. If there is a number in the pocket, that amount is displayed in the win window. If no amount is won, the player has the opportunity to play again.

Features of Spingo

A number and colour bet is a bet places on a specific number of the same color. These kinds of bets have the highest payouts in Spingo.

A green color bet is placed on the centre of the board and only pays if green colored numbers are landed on.

Odd and even, as well as high and low bets are also possible in the game.


If the player bets on both the correct number and color combination, the prize is 32 times the player original bet.

If a green color bet is successful, the game pays out twenty four times the player bet.

A Zero number bet pays out twenty times on the amount bet.

A straight up number bet between one and ten pays back ten times the original amount.

Odd and even bets pay out twice what the player wagered, as do high numbers and low numbers.

Rules of the Game

The outcome of the game is dependent on where the ball lands on the board.

The player wins prizes but predicting the number that the ball will land on to win a multiplication of their bet.

The payout is the amount bet times the winning multiplier.

A malfunction renders all payouts and plays void.

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