Spin Magic

Spin Magic is a three reel slot machine that has five paylines and can be played on the internet. It has a super bonus game as well as a gamble feature.

How to Play Spin Magic

Spin Magic is played by spinning the wheels and waiting for them to stop turning. When the wheels stop, the player wins any prize that is shown continuously on all three wheels along on of the paylines along which they have placed a bet.
The player selects the paylines before spinning, from one to five. Any wins along the paylines that the player has selected are highlighted and the player wins that prize. The amount the player has won will appear win the Win box.

Features of Spin Magic

Spin Magic allows a player to win up to eight thousand times their original bet.
All the paylines in the game are permanently enabled, so the player does not need to select individual lines for each spin.
Spin Magic uses a system that includes super credits. The amount of super credits a player has at any one time are displayed on screen in a section known as a ‘Supermeter’.
The bet amount in Spin Magic is locked to 20 credits.
If the players spin results in two or more wheel symbols, the player is allowed to spin again.
Once a player runs out of super credits, they are returned to the regular Spin Magic game.

If less than twenty credits are in the supermeter, the player has the option to collect the credits and return to the game, or to activate the gamble feature.

In the gamble feature, a correct guess doubles the amount of money a player stands to win. The player can also choose to set aside an amount and gamble with less. In this case, 20 credits are returned to the player’s amount with a ‘set aside’ option.

Rules of the Game

For symbols to be part of a winning combination, they must be next to each other on the wheels once they have stopped spinning.

At the end of a bonus game, the amount won by the player during the bonus game is automatically collected when the player is returned to regular play.

A sequence of winning symbols in Spin Magic must start from the left and go to the right. The symbol must appear on the first reel to be eligible to win.

All payouts in Spin Magic are in credits, not a dollar or other currency amount.

As with many games of this type, in malfunction in the game voids all payouts and prizes.

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