Spring Break

Spring Break is nine payline, five reel online slot machine. It allows a player to bet up to forty five coins.

How to Play Spring Break

To play Spring break, the player chooses using the plus and minus keys how much they want to bet. They then choose how many paylines they wish to activate. The amount bet times and paylines is the total amount bet on each spin.

The player presses the Spin button to make the reels spin. Once the reels stop, if a prize is revealed, the player wins the prize shown times the amount they bet.

Symbols, to win, must be next to one another and must read from left to right on the reels. The left most reel must display the symbol for the player to have a chance to win that symbols prize.

Features of Spring Break

The symbol featuring the words Spring Break is a wild, multiplier symbol in the game. Any combination that the wild symbol completes get multiplied. It can also create its own winning combination, but players should be aware that it does not substitute for the scatter symbol, which has a different and unique function in the game.

The symbol that has the words ‘beach party’ on it is a scatter symbol in Spring Break. When the scatter symbol appears on two or more reels, it can complete a scatter bonus.

If the scatter symbol appears on three or more, it activates a bonus game. The ‘Beach party’ symbol also activates a bonus game that lets a player win fifteen free spins.

During free spins, all regular wins carry three times the value. If during these spins, the beach party bonus game is won again, the spins can add to the amount already won.

At the end of the Spring Break bonus game, the player will see the amount they have won in the ‘win’ box and will be returned to the regular game play.

Any win the players land on in Spring Break activates the ‘gamble’ feature, as long as the prize won does not exceed the games limit.

In the gamble feature, the player has the chance to guess a card color and the card suit. If the color is guessed right, the prize is doubled. If the suit is guessed right, the player’s prize is times by four.

Rules of the Game

Spring Break has the option to enable a feature called ‘expert mode’ where the player can use automatic features, such as Autoplay.

Scatter combinations can appear in any position on the game reels.

Scatter wins, as well as bonus wins, are added to the player’s regular wins.

In the event that the game malfunctions, all wins and free spins will be deemed void.

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