Starlight Kiss

Starlight Kiss is a five reel and thirty payline online slot machine with six hundred available coins. Starlight Kiss is a slot machine for romantics. Its theme is of two lovers who kiss beneath the stars and fall instantly in love, and many of the game’s mechanics revolve around this theme. To play, players need to press the Spin button by clicking it with the mouse. The slots will turn instantly and arrange themselves in either a winning or losing combination.

How to Play Starlight Kiss

To begin, navigate to the game by visiting your preferred online casino. Once the game is open, you can select any additional betting options, up to twenty coins per payline, you desire. When you are ready to spin, click the spin key on the bottom right corner of the slot machine. The reels will automatically begin to spin, and will reveal either a winning combination or a losing one.

Once the payout is complete, you can either choose to leave the game or to spin again. Starlight Kiss allows players to play up to thirty paylines, making it a fairly fast game for people who are pressed for time.

Features of Starlight Kiss

Starlight Kiss has a wild symbol, which is the Starlight Kiss symbol that can be used to complete combinations. In addition to the Starlight Kiss symbol, there are also scatter symbols, which can be used to complete any combination of three or more. Lastly, the man and woman symbols can be used to complete mixed play combinations.

In addition to the symbols, Starlight Kiss also features a minigame called Set the Mood Bonus Game. The game is a bonus round where the player can earn up to a ten times the normal payout. Players choose three out of ten random objects, each with the potential of providing special rewards.

Rules of the Game

Players are rewarded by completing combinations of three or more slots. Wildcards, scatter symbols, and the man and lady symbols can be used to complete combinations, but not when used together. All combinations start from left to right, and if there are multiple combinations on a single payline only the highest-paying is counted.

Players are encouraged to bet additional coins, but this feature is not required to yield winning combinations.
Any malfunctions or errors in the game instantly cancel all rewards of that particular round.

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