Stash of the Titans

Stash of the Titans is a five reel. It has a 20 payline. Stash of the Titans also includes a 200 coin slot machine. It includes a free bonus spin game, and wild cards. There are scatter symbols, and mix card combinations in Stash of the Titans.

How to Play Stash of the Titans

When playing Stash of the Titans the player spins the reel. When the player spins the reel it has to form a winning combination on the payline. The winning combination the player gets determines the payout the player receives. The player has to click the line to select the number of paylines that they want to bet.

Then the player is able to place a bet. When the player has a winning combination lined up, the players win stands out on the reel. The win box shows the amount player receives. When there is no winning combination, the game ends, and the player can play the game all over again. There are wild symbols, and also multiplier symbols in this casino game.

Features of Stash of the Titans

The game Stash of the Titans has many special features to it. There are game payouts. When a player gets the Stash of the Titans symbol, it’s used a wild symbol. Each wild symbol the player gets in the winning combination, determines what score they get. Each wild symbol the player receives is multiplied by two. The player is able to win up to a 10 times multiplier.

The wild symbol does not make its own winning combination, when it shows up on an enabled payline. The wild symbol does not substitute for the scatter symbol. The wild symbol can substitute for a Pegasus symbol, and a symbol to get a mixed pay combination. Medusa is used as the scatter symbol in the game.

When the player gets two, or more Medusa they have obtained a winning scatter combination. It starts the free spins, and cannot replace a wild symbol. There are mixed pay combinations that can be made with Pegasus, and treasure symbols. Only one combination is allowed to be paid out per payline.

There is a free spins bonus game that is started by getting more than three Medusas, they get 15 free spins. The bonus game does not start during the free spins.

Rules of the Game

The player can bet up to ten coins per each payline. Malfunctions void all pays given. Malfunctions also void all plays the player has made.

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