Sterling Silver 3D

Sterling Silver 3D is the world’s first online slot machine that requires players to use 3D glasses to enjoy all of the features of the game. The game uses sterling silver as its main theme, and comes with five reels and 25 paylines. If you don’t use 3D glasses, you can still play the game, but you must adjust the settings in the games option setting. The slot machines is 125-coin machine that includes a wild, multiplier symbol so that players can complete winning combinations and multiply the payout. There is also a free spin bonus game and a gamble feature where you can attempt to guess the color or suit for your card.

How to Play Sterling Silver 3D

Playing the game requires you to spin reels and obtain a set of winning combinations of symbols on the payline. Each payout depends on the organization of the winning combination. First, select the number of paylines that you would like to play. Once you select them, place a bet and select the option to spin the reel. The reel begins spinning and if you end up with a winning combination, the win gets highlighted on the reels. You get paid out according to the win amount displayed in the “Win” box. If you don’t get a winning combination, you lose the game and your payline. You always have the option to play again if you wish.

Features of Sterling Silver 3D

The main features are the 3D option, the gamble feature and the free spin bonus game. In 3D mode, the images pop out of the screen, but you must use an appropriate pair of 3D glasses. The game must also be enabled for 3D in the game options. If you don’t use glasses and have the 3D option enabled, then you will experience blurred images. The gamble option allows you to win extra for guessing the right color or suit. If you guess the right color, your win doubles. Guessing the right suit entitles you to quadruple your win. You can only gamble five times per game, and winnings are collected during the feature. In the bonus game, three sterling silver coins get randomly arranged on reels two, three and four. You are given 15 free spins when this occurs. Regular wins get multiplied by 10 while playing the free spin option.

Rules of the Game

For each payline, you are allowed to bet up to five coins. If there is a malfunction, all of your plays and pays get voided. Wild and multiplier symbols appear only on certain reels and can end up increasing your payout. Winnings get paid based on the highest combination for each payline.

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