One of the most famous superheroes, and arguably the first to ever be created, is Superman. The slot machine game that bears his name and story is just as entertaining, combining a simple gambling game with the epic feel of one of Earth’s greatest heroes. With 5 reels and 1-50 lines of play, there’s plenty of chances for players to win, and to win big.

How to Play Superman

Superman is a little more complicated than some slot machine games, but it’s also fairly easy to pick up on. Players first select the size of the bet they would like to make, and the number of lines they would like to bet on. Once they’ve decided on these things they pull the lever and the reels start turning. When the reels stop turning the game will show players if they won on the spin, and then calculate how much they won. If they didn’t win, the game will indicate that as well. Once everything is finished spinning players go through the same steps to choose the actions for their next round.

Features of Superman

As a slot machine game Superman boasts quite a few features to keep players coming back and spinning the reels time and time again. There’s the usual run of attractively animated wins which can keep players going for more than just money, but there are also several different kinds of bonus rounds for players to enjoy. These features include the regular bonus round, along with a Superman bonus round (where the man of steel putting in an appearance on reels 2, 3, and 4 nets players 10 times the winnings), and a Save The World feature (which can only be activated while the bonus round is running) where players can win extra big.

Rules of the Game

The rules are fairly simple when it comes to Superman. Players simply have to select the lines and bets they want, and pull the lever. If they activate the bonus bet then they will receive bonus spins for free and have the chance to win more than they would otherwise, but the gameplay doesn’t actually differ at all. While the above-listed features can definitely offer players a lot of opportunity to get more winnings (the Save the World feature can help players win as much as 100 times the bet that activated the bonus feature in the first place), their showing up is still dependent on chance.

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