Surf Safari

The game Surf Safari is a slot game that offers five reels with the chance to win on 255 slot coin possibility. This will allow the user the ability to win in over 243 possible ways during game play. Playing will guarantee a person against the odds that they will win based on the 243 chances that are available during the game play turns. The 243 chances are available all the time which is not changeable during game play meaning that from the first spin to the last spin the same 243 chances will remain available for the player to win during play. There are three extra features available during game play which are the wild symbol, scatter symbol and the safari surf wax bonus game which is offered.

How to Play Surf Safari

To begin making your winnings you will need to spin the reels so that you can possibly form a combination. The combinations will dictate how much money you will make on the spin and project your winnings. The better combination you make the more money that you will make on each spin. The steps to paying will be as followed:
Set and place the amount that you wish to apply to your spin
After selecting your bet you will need to click on the spin button to spin your reels
If a winning combination is revealed then the win will be highlighted on the reels with the amount of money won
If you do not make a winning combination then you will need to replay your spin
Each winning amount will be based on the value of your winning combination

Features of Surf Safari

Wild Symbols – awards its own personal winnings when multiple wild splashes appear in a combination
Scatter Symbol – This symbol will help to complete a scattered combination when three of these symbols appear after a spin
Safari Surf Wax – when you receive 3 or more of Surf symbols then you will activate a bonus game, from here you can choose different objects to show a bonus win amount

Rules of the Game

Ten coins can be placed as a bet each spin
Bet multiplier of twenty five can be applied each spin

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