Tally Ho

The game Tally Ho is a 5 reel 9 pay line game that offers a 90 coin slot machine for game play. There are a 45 different ways that symbols can appear during game play allowing the user multiple different ways that a person could get a winning combination to generate winnings. Features of this game include the will multiplier symbol, free spin bonus game and the gamble feature. These different features allow for the person to be able to double their winnings or possibilities of winning money during game play. These features will be explained further later on in this description.

How to Play Tally Ho

During your game play of Tally Ho you will need to spin to get the reel combinations in the pay line. The bet will need to be made prior to spinning the reels in the game to ensure a big pay out or to determine how much you will receive on a pay out. The combination that is created will determine what the overall pay out amount for the spin. Different symbols will determine how much is made from the spin and combination that is revealed. The instructions for play will be as listed:
Select your bet using the increase or decrease symbol for the bet
Place your bet before the spin
After the bet has been placed you will need to click the spin button to spin the reels
The winning combination will pay out the amount that is determined by the value of the symbols in the combination along with the bet amount

Features of Tally Ho

Wild Symbols

The wild symbols will be displayed as a horse which can help to double the pay out to the combination that the symbol completes. This will help to double any combination it is in line with during play.

Scatter Horn and Free Spins

This symbol will help to complete any type of scatter combination when there are 2 or more of the scattered horns in the reels. If 3 or more appear on the reels then the bonus game will be activated for the free spin mini game. The free spin game will allow for free spins that will not cost the player any type of coin or money to play for winning combinations.

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