Teddy Bear’s Picnic


With five reels and an additional feature, called sticky honey, this slot game has everything a player needs to get that lucky combo that will reel in some serious money, which is directly linked to the amount of money he uses as well as the combo type he wins. The theoretical return teddy bear’s picnic promises each player is 95.35 %.

How to play

All the information regarding the game is given on a display:
1. win, shows the number of winnings that have been won per spin,
2. balance, shows the entire sum available to the player,
3. total bet, shows the entire sum that is staked (this number is obtained when the number of lines multiplies the bet)
4. lines, shows how many lines are used in the game, and
5. bet, shows the amount staked per line,
+ and – keys are used for adjusting a player’s bet.
A max key is used to adjust a player’s bet to the maximum.
A spin key is used for reel spinning.
An autoplay key is used for setting a sequence of normal games that a player can play in a row for a desired amount of rounds, i.e. spins, with the upper limit being five hundred and the lower five games.
An info field provides more information about the game rules as well as the possible awards.
In case of malfunction, all payouts and games are off.


Gambling if applicable

Using this feature means having the right to gamble the winnings, except for the jackpot ones. By pressing the gamble key and then choosing either the colour, that multiplies the win with two, of the suit, that multiplies the winnings with four, the player can earn some real money, provided that his guess was right. The limit for this feature is five.

Sticky honey

If there are at least three symbols of a basket, a player can receive eight games that he can play at the lines for free. If there is a symbol of honeycomb throughout a game, then it can be used for the rest of the free games. A player places his bet amounts of the game that is consider triggering.
A player cannot activate this feature more than once.

Wild teddy

A player might see a teddy bear adding a symbol of honeycomb to the second, third and a fourth reels after he has finished playing a game that’s in the base mode.
After a player has finished playing a game that is free, he might see a teddy adding a symbol of honeycomb to the first, second, third, fourth or fifth reel.

Game Rules

A honeycomb is the only symbol that can replace all the others, except for the basket, which is the only symbol that can pay in both directions. The rest have to follow the left to right order.
A player can choose from one to twenty-five lines to play.
The sum put on each payline multiplies winnings on the paylines.
The entire wagered amount is used to multiply scatter wins, which are combined with the winnings of the paylines.
Only the highest win is used for all the paylines that a player has selected.
The winnings throughout the paylines are combined together.

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