Developed by Red7 in collaboration with SG digital, The Tetris Extreme MegaDrop is built on a very popular video game – Tetris. With a multiplier of up to 50X the bet, free spins, and 3 Progressive Jackpots, this is a fast and exciting slot game.

Game features

The Tetris Extreme MegaDrop slot comes with a space background with neon-lighted grids and the original Tetris soundtrack. There are 7 differently colored squares that fall on a 7-reel and 10-row grid.

A filled grid does not end the game, rather, a full line gets removed from the bottom, to make space for more blocks to fall on top. Each time a line clears, it adds 1 to the counter. As the counter increases, multiplier also goes up, which can be up to 50 times. At the end of a spin, if you have a cluster of 9 or more similar color squares, you get a payout after applying the multiplier.

There are two types of gameplays in Tetris Extreme MegaDrop: one is the normal one, the second is the Mega Drop. In the normal mode, clusters of 25 or more payout 8 times the stake, even before applying the multiplier. The multiplier feature of up to 50x in the normal mode itself, making the possibility of good payouts. The mega drop is more exciting as it has 3 progressive jackpots – Minor, Major and Epic.

Bonus round

You get 10 Free Spins if you clear 15 or more lines in one spin. The free spin has one more feature – The Gold Tetromino. In this feature, a golden block can fall at any time. If it is used to clear a line, your multiplier is multiplied by 5X. The game doesn’t come with wilds/scatters or other conventional slot features.

Mega drop feature

When turned on, a Tetris Extreme MegaDrop consists of 3 Progressive Jackpots: Minor, Major, and Epic. The jackpot pays out automatically as soon as the maximum value is hit.


With free spins and multipliers, the Tetris Extreme MegaDrop is exciting. And added the nostalgia for the original game we are in for a really engaging and exciting experience.

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