The Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is among the newest casino games available and is made available by Evolution Gaming. It can be found in both online and traditional casinos and is very popular in part because it is based on the traditional Texas Hold’em Game. The Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is among the easiest casino table games to play and has more than a fair dose of features.
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All About Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

The Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is played with a single deck that has 52 cards lodged within. Payouts vary according to the bets made and a more than passing knowledge of the different poker hands is necessary for consistent wins.

Both the online and the version of Texas Hold ’em Bonus Poker played in traditional casinos are one and the same. Gameplay is begun once bets are made and the game rules are such as to be easily understood and applied.

Before players receive their initial cards, they have to make their first wagers, which is also referred to as the Ante bet. A bonus bet is featured but is totally optional. This particular bet pays out a maximum of 1,000x the stake when players have a certain hand.

Once bets have been made, the dealer deals a couple of face-down cards to all players. These cards can be referred to as “hole cards” and exclusively belong to players. The rest of the cards are the community cards and can be used by all players concerned.

Once the cards have all been dealt, players reserve the option to either double their ante or fold if their hand is not strong enough or their appetite for risk has diminished. The community cards are then dealt in the second betting round, with a trio of these being placed right in the table centre for all to make use of.

Once the flop is dealt, the next betting round begins, with players being obliged to make wagers that are identical in value to their initial ante in order to keep playing. After this ante bet, the turn is then dealt, with players making bets here that is the same value as their original ante bet.

Next, the ultimate community card that is often referred to as the “river” is dealt. The cards are then turned over, with players trying to form the best possible five card hand out of the seven cards that are available. The winner is the one player or dealer- with the best hand.

Payouts In Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

Unlike standard Texas Hold’em Poker, winners here do not receive the whole pot. Instead, they get payouts that vary in accordance with all bets that were made with the dealer.

Final Thoughts

The Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is a little too complicated for newbies but offers fun unlimited to pros and those who have put in some effort in learning all about it. With a 1,000x jackpot available via the Bonus Bet, as well as lots of thrills and punchy action, it makes for an irresistible package and is worth searching out for.

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