Lucky Leprechaun is a casino slot machine. It was the creation of the IGT Company.
It is a five-wheel slot with twenty pay lines. It has an Irish theme, basically the leprechauns. This game features not only the leprechauns, but also the pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, shamrocks and many other items pertaining to the Irish culture.

There are many bonus features in this game. They include wilds, which can be stacked to give the most payout possible, scatters and other bonuses.

One bonus can be started when a scatter that uses gold coins pops up on the last reel. With this the player gets five free spins. The multiplier is increased to two times for the multiplier. Every time green and gold clovers land on the reels they either increase the number of free spins or the multiplier is increased.

There is another bonus feature that can be won when three or more bonus symbols are scattered on the reels. A bonus wheel pops up which the player must spin. This bonus wheel gives a number then the player must hop to the multiplier trail. There may be a staggering 1000x multiplier available. If a hidden emerald is found it can award an extra spin and may also give a rainbow bridge which can give a jump to a higher multiplier.

This is the way to get bigger wins.

There is also a gold wild that lands on the reels and gives a win.

Free spins are started with three free spin leprechaun symbols on the reels. When this happens the leprechaun comes onto the screen. He puffs on his pipe three times; each one of his puffs gives a number of spins. These numbers of spins are free and the player wins points or coins.

When the Pot of gold comes on three different reels another screen comes up that has shamrocks. This screen gives way to another screen with a rainbow and a leprechaun. The point is to light up all the colors of the rainbow, which will give you the chance at a progressive. This is where you can win lots of coins.

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