The Lost Princess Anastasia

The Lost Princess Anastasia is an online slots game on a five hundred coin machine with five reels and a twenty five payline.

The object of the game is to spin the real and to create winning combinations of symbols. The amount of coins won on each bet is determined by how many were wagered before spinning. The only limited to how many spins people can make is only limited to how many coins are available.

How to Play the Lost Princess Anastasia

This game also includes wild symbols, scatter symbols as well as free spin bonus rounds. Regular payments calculated on each line are multiplied by the number of coins bet on each line. The symbols in each combination must be next to each other.

The combinations are read from left to right, so any winning combination must start in the first slot to be counted.

There are a variety of ways to win coins and even free spins. Scatter symbol wins are completely unaffected by the active play line and are determined by multiplying the number of scatter symbols by the number of coins bet.

It is completely possible to have both a regular win and a scatter win at the same time. Free spin bonuses award three free spins that can be used at any time.

These bonus spins are activated by having a minimum of three bonus crowns present anywhere on the real.

Rules of the Game

There are a few ways to vary the gaming experience by turning on expert mode. One feature available is the ability to activate Autoplay and have the game automatically spin a certain number of times without having to directly interact with the game itself.

The amount bet is set at the beginning and are used throughout the Autospin session.

Autoplay functions slightly differently in each mode. Options include only complete a certain number of spins, to continue as long as there are coins until the jackpot is hit or to stop when a certain number of coins are won are some of the options available for controlling Autoplay sessions.

There are some modes in which it is possible to set the number of spins in each Autospin session. In other modes the Autospin mode will continue until it is manually stopped.

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