The Osbournes

The Osbournes slot machine game offers the user 5 reels with twenty play lines offering the player more chances to maximize their earnings during play. Other features will include scatter symbols, wild symbols, a bonus game (Knock Knock bonus game), mini spins and the additional bonus game called Grab a Gift. These different modes keep the game entertaining and also allows the user multiple chances of doubling or earning winnings. There will never be a down moment or the loss of a chance to win money during the duration of play. The added benefits will keep a player on their toes and the edge of their seat during play.

How to Play the Osbournes

The overall basis of the game will be to spin the reels in order to get a winning combination. Each spin will have the chance to get winning combinations whether the winnings are low or high during game play. Winnings will be solely based off of what type of combination you receive while playing your spins, winnings are also dependent on the bet made prior to the spin you take. Before spinning you will need to select your paylines on what you are wanting to bet. After you have selected your paylines you will then need to click on spin in order to begin spinning your reels for a winning combination.

Features of the Osbournes

Some features will include the wild symbols which will maximize your winnings if they are set in the winning combination. The bonus games of the mini free spin and knock knock game will allow the user to enjoy free spins without having to use money for betting. This could be beneficial if betting money is low or simply if a person would like to get some free spins without having to bet money to get potential winnings. The knock Knock game bonus can be activated when three or more knocker symbols are revealed during a spin. This bonus game can get the user up to 100,000 coins through revealing objects to get the random bonus. The mini free spin game can be activated through getting three or more mini symbols which can help the user to win 300,000 coins.

Rules of the Game

The rules are simple with a person needing to first bet on their pay line before spins and that all malfunctions will void all plays and pays.

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