The Rat Pack

This slot machine game will offer five reels and 30 pay lines with a 300 coin slot machine. There are in game features such as the wild symbols, wild symbol multiplier, scatter symbol, free spin bonus game and a gambling feature. The added features will give the person more chances at earning a higher pay out. The ability to play with 30 pay lines increases your chances at getting a winning combination of symbols. The better the combination the more money that will be earned during each spin.

How to Play the Rat Pack

The game play will consist of the player spinning their reels in order to get the best combination possible for a high pay out. All pay outs will be determined by the value of the symbols in each combination from each spin. A winning combination will not be received on each spin so if you do not win with one spin just simply spin again for a chance to win the combination. The instructions for game play will be as follows:
Use your mouse to click and make the selection of the paylines you want to place a bet on
Place your bet using your + or – button to increase or to decrease your betting amount
After you have placed the bet click on the spin button to possibly get a winning combination
All combinations will not be received for every spin
The highest combination will be paid out rather than all of the combinations won in the spin

Features of the Rat Pack Slots

Wild Symbol

The Rat Pack picture will represent the wild symbol in the game during a spin. The combination of multiple rat pack symbols in a pay line will render its own winnings. This wild symbol cannot be substituted for a scatter symbol or a multiplier symbol.

Wild, Multiplier Symbol

The 2x picture will signify this type of multiplier as it will double the pay out from a combination or pay line. This will need to be found in a combination rather than on its own to render a bonus.

Free Spins Game Bonus

Gold records will trigger this free spin game but three need to be scattered on the reels to trigger the free spin bonus game for the mini game to officially start.

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