Tomb Raider – Lara Croft

Tomb Raider Slots is a video slots game based on the PC and Console game of the same name. Lara Croft is a treasure hunter. It is a casino slot machine game, it has five reels. There is 15 payline available in this game. There are 75 coin slot machines to this game.

How to Play Tomb Raider Lara Croft

Tomb Raider- Lara Croft is played by spinning a reel. The reel the player spins, spins symbols. The symbols have to form a winning combination, for the player to win the game. There are several different winning combinations that can be formed, the payout the player gets depends on the winning combination that they get, when they spin the reel.

Features of Tomb Raider Lara Croft

It has many special features. There is a Tomb Raider symbol that is used as a wild symbol. It can create a winning combination, when it’s with other symbols in a line. It has to be on an enabled payline. Laura Croft is used as a scatter symbol. When the player gets a scatter symbol, it is multiplied by the total number of coins that are bet. Another special feature is getting a free spins bonus game. For this the player gets 10 free spins, and normal wins are multiplied by three while the free spins occur. The bets, and paylines that the player plays are the same as the ones that got the free spins.

The player’s free spins can be reactivated while playing the bonus game. If the player gets three Lara scatter symbols on the reel, they get more free spins. Those free spins are added to the free spins that the player has left. The tomb bonus game can be played during the free spins.

When the player plays the tomb bonus game using the free spins, the wins are not multiplied. The tomb bonus can happen when the player gets three idol symbols on a payline. The player can win two 500 coins. The player chooses objects to show bonus win amounts. The number of idols a player gets determines how many objects the player is able to choose. The player wins the total of the combined with bonus amounted that were revealed. The bonus game wins are added to the player’s regular wins.

Rules of the Game

The rules to play Tomb Raider- Lara Croft is simple. The player can bet up to 5 coins per each payline. When malfunctions occur in the game, the players, and payouts are voided.

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