Totem Treasure

The slot game Totem Treasure will offer five reels, pay lines and coins for play on this slot machine. The pay lines will offer five across the screen which will hold combinations to generate winnings. The way to win will be the by getting a winning combination with the reels which will generate how much money you win based on the symbols that are in the combination. The average pay out for a user playing this slot machine game is around 12,000.

How to Play Totem Treasure

The objective is similar to other slot games of this kind which is to get a winning combination after each spin. The amount of money or coins that will be won is based on the symbols which appear in the different combinations. The better the combination the more coins that will be earned during play. Play instructions are as followed below:
Before spinning you will need to select the play lines that you are wanting to play
After picking the play lines you will be able to place a bet
Use the minus or plus button so that you will be able to increase or decrease your betting value before you spin
After choosing your amount you are wanting to bet then you can then move on to spinning
Use your mouse to click on the spin button so that you will be able to spin for a winning combination
All winnings are based on the amount you bet and the combination of symbols that reveal themselves after the spin.

Features of Totem Treasure

The only game feature that is on this game will be the Wild Symbol which works as a substitute for a combination. This is similar to a blank card when playing a card game as it is used as a link to finish a combination or to be used as whatever benefits the person in a combination. This symbol alone will not give any added benefits on its own but will help in finishing a combination.

Rules of the Game

The player can only choose to bet one coin on each play line that is being played. The game will only pay out according to the highest combination that is won during the game play. Multiple combinations will not be awarded when someone gets multiple combinations after a spin. Any type of malfunction that occurs during game play will void out the rest of the game play thus paying out the bet that was placed.

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