Treasure of the Pyramids Video Slots Game

The Treasure of the Pyramids Video Slots Game is a five reel, 25 pay line game that is going to take you back to the time of ancient Egypt. Everything in the game is Egyptian based, so if you are a fan of this style, the game might be perfect for you. Of course, understanding a bit more about the actual gameplay is always important as well as there are some variables associated with the game that are going to be different from what you might normally experience.

With the game, you are able to bet a wide variety of money every single time you play it. This tarts out with a one cent bet. This is a penny slot game, so if you want to bet a penny, you have this capability of doing so. Of course, you can max out your coin bet at $5 per pay line, so this is not a game where you are going to bet hundreds of dollars per hand. In fact, as the max is only $125 in order to bet for every single pay line, it is going to keep you price down on the lower end of the spectrum. Depending on what you are looking for in the Treasure of the Pyramids Video Slots Game, this might be good or you might want to look for something else, depending on the value of the game.

The total jackpot is 1,000 coins, so if you bet $5 per pay line, you are able to max out your winnings at $5,000. As for the game play, there is no progressive jackpot that builds while you play it and there is no bonus game either. With the Treasure of the Pyramids Video Slots Game, you are able to win free spins when the wild symbol appears at least three times on the game board (this is the bird wearing the Egyptian Pharaoh’s headpiece. There is also a scatter symbol as well, which can be helpful. But as there is no bonus game you are not going to have the chance of increasing your winnings with this. There is a 3x multiple for the free spins though, and these bonuses pay out three times what you bet. So, it is possible to receive a payout as if you bet $15, and then there are other times where you might just receive 3 cents.

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