Untamed Giant Panda

The Untamed Giant Panda is a video slot game, which brings to life the Giant Panda. This is a new video slot. This slot machine honors the Giant Panda of China, which is an endangered species. There are not many of them in the world.

How to Play Untamed Giant Panda

There are five reels that spin, and it has two hundred and forty three ways to win and many ways to win with bonuses. With the Untamed Giant Panda Slot, it is easy to win. Instead of just line reels to win, this slot is equipped with ways to win. What this means it that if you have a picture of a baby panda on slot reel number one, another one anywhere on reel 2 and another one anywhere on slot 3 you will win a payout.

Features of Untamed Giant Panda Slots

One of the many special features of the video slot is something called Collect-A-Wild. Wilds of course added with two other like things cause a win. However, Untamed Giant Panda takes that wild and saves it at the bottom. When you have collected four, Untamed Giant Panda slot turns the entire reel wild and whatever spins you get for the next four spins gives you a payout.

The Panda’s eye becomes a scatter symbol. Three of the scatter symbols anywhere on the five reels will win a payout.

After your bonus, another feature, which is called the Gamble, can be used. What this entails is an arrow, a green portion, and a red portion. You set the amount you wish to gamble. Spin the arrow, if it lands on the green you win, but if it lands on the red you lose. Only you can control how much you win or lose.

Rules of the Game

Untamed Giant Panda is an easy slot to win. There are five reels but two hundred and forty-three ways to win. The payouts are enhanced by the bonuses that you are able to get, and you can try your hand with the gamble feature.

The best rule for this slot is Have Fun.

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