Untamed Wolf Pack

Untamed Wolf Pack is a casino game where there are various payouts. The game has five reels and has a theme of a wolf pack. This game has over two hundred forty pay ways and has various entertaining symbols for the gambling enthusiast to peruse. There is a wild symbol with a blue-and-white design; a scatter symbol which consists of a circle with a grayish background and a green eye; and several other special features as well. These features include a “Lucky Nudge” feature where the peeking eye symbol can be nudged up or down; a “collect-a-wild” feature where wild icons can be collected; and a “your gamble” feature where you can gamble your winnings or bank half of them.

How to Play Untamed Wolf Pack

The first thing you want to do is to place a bet. You place a bet by clicking on the “Bet” button. This activates the “coin size” arrows where you can move the coin size up or down depending on the size of the bet that you want to make. The reels will spin after you click on the spin box. If the pay way has a winning combination lined up in your favor, you will see the win on the reels. The pay out for your win is displayed in the “Win” box. You can always play again if you do not win.

Features of Untamed Wolf Pack

First of all, there is the “Lucky Nudge” feature, which is characterized by a peeking symbol which can be nudged up or down on the wheel. After that the peeking symbol can be nudged onto the reel in order to complete a winning combination. Three peeking eye symbols can activate a free spins bonus game.

Second, there is the wild symbol. When you see the wild symbol you will have a wild reel for four games if you collect four wild icons on a game.

Third, there is the “Your Gamble” feature, where you can gamble your winnings. This includes the ability to adjust your odds by up to twenty times your win.

Rules of the Game

General rules include having two hundred and forty three pay ways and a multiplier of 30 coins per spin. The user can bet up to 15 coins a spins and malfunctions unfortunately will void all pays and plays.

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