Blackjack is one of the popular casino games preferred for its simplicity and low house edge. And just like any casino game blackjack too comes in many variations. One of the simplest and easiest versions of the game is Vegas Downtown Blackjack and is especially preferred by people who are into card counting. 

About Vegas Downtown Blackjack 

Vegas Downtown Blackjack is the most preferred blackjack version, especially in case of card counters. It is generally played with just 2 decks of playing cards which is one of the biggest reasons for it being suitable for advantage play and also for it enjoying one of the lowest available house edges. With a house edge of just under 0.4% and simple, player-friendly rules, this game is especially suitable for someone who is just starting to play blackjack. 

Basic Rules of the game 

This game comes with very simple rules, like: 

  1. It is played with 2 decks which are shuffled at the end of every game
  2. The aim is to get a score that is more than the dealer without going bust
  3. Players start with two cards face up and they can either hit, stand, double down, split or take insurance
  4. It being a hole card game the dealer is allowed to check for blackjack in case his up card is an Ace or a value 10 card. In such a case both the dealer’s cards are revealed, and the game ends
  5. Players are allowed to opt for insurance in which case the payout is 2:1
  6. The payout is 3:2 in case of blackjack 

Splitting the hand 

  1. Players are allowed to split two ideal cards or two cards of identical value
  2. Players are allowed to split only 3 times, which means one player can only play 4 separate hands
  3. When splitting aces, only one card is dealt 

Doubling down in Vegas Downtown Blackjack 

  1. Players are allowed to double down after a split
  2. Players are allowed to double down regardless of the values of their cards but are required to place another bet that is the same as the initial bet.


Vegas Downtown Blackjack is one of the simplest of blackjack variations and playing with just 2 decks is definitely an advantage. It is also an ideal game to practise and use the trick of card counting!


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