Named after the popular casino strip in Vegas, the Vegas Strip Blackjack game is simple and enjoyable. The online version for the game provides players with access to both the demo as well as the for money versions. 

About Vegas Strip Blackjack 

Taking the popularity of this version of blackjack into account, Microgaming decided to provide players with the online version so that they can indulge in their favourite game from anywhere in the world. And just like the original, the online version too comes with simple gameplay and easy to understand rules. 

The rules to play the game 

The rules to play Vegas Strip Blackjack are very simple and easy to understand. Here are some of the major rules in a gist: 

  1. Just like any blackjack game, this is a game of the player vs the dealer rather than the player vs player.
  2. The main aim to win the game is to get a total that is greater that of the dealer but at the same time not over the value of 21.
  3. Every card is assigned a specific value; the Ace is the highest value card with 11, but it can also be taken as 1 as per the players choice. The picture cards are assigned with the value of 10 and the number cards have the value corresponding to their number.
  4. Players are dealt face up while one of the dealer’s cards is face down. Players have to decide their next move depending on their hand and the dealer’s card.
  5. Players can do one of five things: hit, stand, split, double down or take insurance. Buying insurance regularly and taking insurance when the dealer’s card is an Ace isn’t advised as it inflates the house edge putting the player at a disadvantage.
  6. The best way to win at Vegas Strip Blackjack is to get a natural blackjack which is possible only during the initial deal and when the player gets an ace along with a 10 value card. 


Thus, Vegas Strip Blackjack is a simple game and comes with standard, straightforward rules. Though it is easy to play, learning the basic rules and getting to know the basic blackjack strategy is essential to ensure that you maximize your wins every time you play!

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