Victorian Villain

Victorian Villain is the alliterative slot machine game that evokes the feeling of Penny Dreadful mysteries. Men in black coats and top hats with waxed mustaches and evil plots lurking in back alleys is what you expect, and it’s what the game provides. This five-reel, 125 coin slot machine might look like many of its brethren, but a closer look reveals a game that has its own quirks and unique draws for players who want to have fun while trying to win big.

How to Play Victorian Villain

The first step in playing Victorian Villain is to place a bet. Either increase or decrease the number of coins you’re betting, or click the “max bet” button to just wager the biggest number of coins. Once a bet has been placed the next step is to click spin. The reels will start spinning and when they stop players will be informed if they have a winning combination or not. Winning combinations are paid out, and losing combinations get nothing. Once the spin has resolved the only question is whether or not players want to go for another round.

Features of Victorian Villain

While Victorian Villain might seem fairly standard for a five reel slot machine game, it does have special features that make it stand out from other games that offer very similar features. The appearance of the game, as well as the videos that come with winning spins, are things that draw many players in. It’s about winning, but it’s also about seeing the full spectrum of effects and clips that the game offers. There are bonus spins for certain combinations (namely those that involve the Victorian Villain logo when it comes up in the reels), and these spins can help players stay ahead of the curve in terms of earnings and payouts.

Rules of the Game

Being a slot machine game the rules are fairly simple for Victorian Villain; you place your bet, pull the handle, and wait to see if you won. The winning combinations never change, and all reels are active all the time. There’s no need to specially select a given pattern, and players can bet as much or as little as they want to when playing Victorian Villain. It is, in fact, one of the easiest games to play in terms of rules. That’s one reason that the game maintains the level of popularity it enjoys, even among other slot machine games.

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