Vinyl Countdown

Vinyl Countdown is a nine coin slot machine. It has a nine payline, and a five reel to it. Vinyl Countdown has scatter symbols, and wild symbols in it.

How to Play Vinyl Countdown

The player decides how many paylines that they want to play. The player then places a bet. The player spins the reel by clicking spin. If the player gets a winning combination when the reel stops it will be shown to them in the win box. If the player does not get a winning combination the game will be over for them.

In Vinyl Countdown there are regular game payouts. There are also scatter symbol payouts. When the reel comes to a stop, the player wins because of the symbols shown in the payline. What the player wins depends on which symbols are in the payline.

Features of Vinyl Countdown

The wild symbol in Vinyl Countdown is a wild jukebox. The wild jukebox symbol can only show up on the reel, 2, 3, or 4 times. The wild symbol cannot substitute for the scatter symbol in Vinyl Countdown.

When more than one wild symbol shows up on an enabled payline, it does not create a winning combination for the player. The scatter symbol in Vinyl Countdown is a scatter glitter ball.
When three, or more scatter symbols show up on the reel it makes a winning scatter combination. Scatter symbol combinations are multiplied by the total number of coins that are bet by the player, which is how scatter wins are determined.

Rules of the Game

When playing Vinyl Countdown the player is only allowed to bet one coin per payline.

Malfunctions can happen, and when they do, they void the player’s plays, and payouts. It is a very easy game to understand. The player gets paid for the highest combination that they get on each enabled payline. Scatter wins do not work the same way.

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