Voila! It’s an expression only given to players who have experienced to best in online gaming!

This French-themed casino slot game is growing in popularity because the symbols are easy to recognize, and the payouts are extremely generous. Even the reels are laissez-faire, so winning is a luxuriant experience. Food and culture are this game’s main attractions.

This standard casino slot has five reels showing three symbols in the French theme. Soft landing rolls display all manner of exquisite foods and Parisian icons. With a maximum bet placed on these reels, over 200 unique winning lines are initiated. This allows the gamer to wager comfortable bets, but always have access to the game’s unique winning icons.

Voila! Is much different than most online games because of its soft pay-outs, huge jackpots and chances to win a trip to Paris. That trip is worth a huge amount of casino credits. Along the way, up to 60,000 credits are offered as a jackpot for playing this exciting game.

The key to winning huge pay-outs on Voila! is the Eiffel Tower symbol. Amongst the lobster, baguette, street lovers and other neutral symbols, this one is Wild. The Eiffel Tower Wild symbol turns its reel into a multiple conduit for winning on multiple layers of pay-out lines.

It is always advisable to bet the maximum of 20 credits on each pay-out line to receive the incredible bonuses that the Eiffel Tower symbol initiates. Many players choose a familiar bet, but the key to winning Parisian-style is a full 20 on every line. Voila is famous for consistent low money pay-outs, but the occasional Wild, or line block jackpot is always possible. This is why it is important to always bet the max line and credit amounts. One knockout win with a max bet, puts every player into prime contention for the ultimate Parisian prize.

If Paris is a player’s idea of the most romantic and fun city, Voila offers the most fun and attractive online opportunity to win. Every spin has a French flair, and each symbol is a familiar gateway to a huge prize.

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