Wasabi San

If you are looking for a new twist on online gaming slots, then you should try Wasabi San. Playing this particular online slot game, you will feel as if you are sitting in a restaurant in Japan being served famous sushi dishes such as Maki and Salon Roe that is presented to the players playing the game. Wasabi San is a 5 reel with 15 playlines with many special features that other online slots don’t offer.

How to Play Wasabi San

Wasabi San is fairly easy to catch on to with it’s easy to follow rules. Sushi Chef will put out the different sushi symbols including: Maki, Sake, Bonsai Trees, and Salmon Roe. If you are to get either a 2, 3, 4 or 5 icons on the 5 reels, then it will multiply the total by 2, 4, 50 or 400. Players can select from the different coin selections of .01, .02, .05, .1, .2, .25, .50, or 1.00. The minimum bet is .15 and the maximum bet is $75. If the player bets $75. When players bet $75 on each spin, $30,000 will be earned.

Features of Wasabi San

If the bet is 5 coins on each line, the size of the coin is automatically $1.00. If players receive 2 Wasabi on the reel, then a payout can be performed. Three or more Wasabi pieces gets the player a free spin and players can get free spins on this game.

A Jackpot can be scored with a free spin. Higher Jackpots are scored: 7,500 or the equivalent of $37,500 for 5 chefs, 2,000 or the equivalent of $10,000 for 4 chefs, 500 or the equivalent of $2,500 for 5 Bonsai Trees.

Any Jackpots that are scored in the game indicates that the player has tripled. Bonsai Trees help the chef decide what pieces to use.

When a Sushi Chef is seen on the game, it means that the player has a wild piece, which means it can be used as substitute for any other piece but a Scatter or a Bonus Game.

If a Fish Market appears, it means that the player has scored a Bonus Game. Three or more Puffer Fish scored means that you can play the Bonus Game at the Fish Market. Payouts for Fish Markets are as follows: 3 Fish= 36-1,500 coins, 4 Fish= 48-2,000, and 5 Fish = 60-2,500.

Wasabi San can be played as Free Play or Real Play.

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