What a Hoot

What A Hoot is a casino slot machine game. It is uniquely adventurous due to its outdoor, forest theme. In this five reel, nine coin slot machine game, you must choose and utilize wild tree symbols and scatter jar symbols to your advantage. As a special feature; you may earn free games based on your earnings throughout this game.

How to Play What a Hoot

Choose how many paylines you want to play, then place a bet and click on the ‘spin’ button. A winning combination will be shown in a row on the payline. In the case of a winning combination, the player will receive their winnings in the ‘win’ box and will be paid accordingly. In the case of a loss (or losing combination), the player can simply play again.

Features of What a Hoot

This game offers ‘regular payouts’ and scatter jar symbol payouts. These are slot machine incentives for playing the game. Utilize your skills to amass more winnings and payouts.

Rules of the Game

You may only bet with the use of one coin per any payline. If you experience any malfunctions then any plays or pays will be voided. You will notice the wild tree symbol on reels number two, number three and number four; attempt to take advantage of these. Wild tree symbols may not be replaced with scatter jar symbols, and vice versa.

Also, a wild tree symbol is not a ‘winning combination’ when more than one of these symbols is shown in a row within a payline. The player will receive a payout for a single winning combination per payline.

However if more than one winning combination is possible per payline; the player will only receive a payout for the highest valued combination. Three or more scatter jars per reel will complete a scatter jar combination for a win. You may add additional scatter jar combination winnings to regular winnings.

Scatter jar combinations may be displayed in any manner on the reel if it is a winning scatter jar combination. The player will multiply the amount of coins played per line times the amount of coins won to calculate regular winnings. Payouts will be made in coins.

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