What on Earth

Free slot machine games featuring outer space as a theme aren’t as common as they might otherwise be, but one of the stand outs is What On Earth. This 5 reel game with nine separate paylines is also a 45 coin slot machine. For those who are willing to take a risk, this game is certainly a stand out on the market.

How to Play What on Earth

This game is a little more complex than some slot machines, but it is still fairly simple to get a handle on. First a player selects the number of paylines that he or she wants to bet on (anywhere from 1-9). Once the paylines have been selected the next step is to select the bet. Once the bet has been chosen and the player is satisfied with what he or she has going, the only thing left to do is to pull the handle. Once the reels start spinning there’s nothing left to do, and when they stop any winning combination will show up brightly along with animations and lines to show where the win came from. Once the round is over players select a new set of paylines and a new bet, then pull the arm for the next round.

Features of What on Earth

In addition to being a simple game, What on Earth comes with a number of features that make it more appealing to players looking for a stand out slot machine. The planetary theme is enough for some, but all of the animations and eye-catching effects draw players in and make them want to see more possible combinations. Sometimes this draw is even more than the desire to win big. In addition to the great visual effects this game offers though there are bonus rounds that will help players walk away as winner, with a lot more coins to their name than when they started the game.

Rules of the Game

Since What on Earth is a slot machine the rules are fairly simple; pick a payline, place a bet, and pull the lever. While there are rules that determine when someone enters a bonus round, or which combinations come up as winning on a reel, all players need to know are the odds that the reels will come down in their favor. Everything that happens after the lever gets pulled is pure chance, and there’s nothing that can be planned for by even the most clever gambler.

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