Wheel of Wealth Special Edition

Looking for a fun casino slot machine that you have the ability to win a bonus round, then look no further than the Wheel of Wealth special edition. This is a five reel slot machine that you play online with up to 25 lines to give you a better chance to win.

How to Play Wheel of Wealth Special Edition

This game is easy to play, all you have to do is select the number of lines that you wish to bet. When that is done all you have to do is spin the reels and match the symbols in threes or more to win at that pay line. If you have ever played a slot machine before, you know that the pays are depending on the amount and types of symbols that are matched on each pay line.

Features of Wheel of Wealth Special Edition

Some of the main bonus features that this game offers is the wild multiplier symbol. This symbol is a wild card and will match any pair of any symbols. This will also give you a multiplier of the earnings whether it is 2 times or 3 times. Another feature is the Wheel bonus game symbols. When you have 3 of these symbols on a pay line you will go into the bonus round where you could earn up to 2000 coins.

Rules of the Game

You first must select the number of lines you wish to bet, in this game you can select up to ten lines. Then you will have to spin the reels and match the symbols on each pay line. The symbols that are in each pay line that match in three or more are what will decide your winnings. When you are able to get free spins on the bonus round you will be able to earn multipliers and wilds as well.

If you are looking for a casino slot machine that is simple and will give you the best chances to multiply earnings, then the Wheel of wealth slot machine is the best choice for you. With the ability to multiply and double winnings with an easy game you can see why this game is a one of a kind casino slot game.

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