It’s possible that people will think this game was inspired by the movie Ants because of its design. However, Wild Antics is a stellar and unique game, with tons of bonus features, that is sure to entice every slot machine enthusiast for countless spins.

How to Play:

The game is themed around ants and has five reels with 20 lines. In terms of betting, the company has made this game easy to play. The bets can total up to 500 dollars and start as low as 20 cents. You can either choose to spin the reels or use the auto-play button to let the game roll itself. If you land a combination of symbols on the winning payline, you will be awarded.


There are many bonuses available for players, including wild cards, scatters and surprise features — four of them, in fact. The game’s jackpot can go up to 500 coins and this is achieved when the player gets five wild symbols in one line.

The entire design by Blueprint is a lot of fun. There is a huge tree to the left of the screen and greenery to the right. In the background, the player sees the view of all of this as if from a small creature’s eyes. All the symbols are framed in gold but are actually a plethora of insect world inhabitants. Different colours mean different rewards in the game.

The green leaf is the wild symbol, and these come with big money, baby! Also, the game has four bonus symbols and these should appear in fives or threes for big wins. If you get a blue wild symbol, you get a free spin.

There is also an army ant that will appear to activate free spins. Another surprise, the wilds can shift between spins and cover a whole reel. These will also activate the free spins and enormous prizes.


Blueprint has definitely hit the picnic basket mother load with Wild Antics. It’s an interestingly designed game that is easy to enjoy. The huge number of bonuses available, free spins and massive jackpot all make this game super enticing and almost impossible to stop playing.

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