Wild Cat Canyon

Wild Cat Canyon is a five reel slot game with many opportunities to win. It has a return payout rate of 95.46%. There are many opportunities to hit the bonuses and scatters throughout the session plays.

How to Play Wild Cat Canyon

Playing the game is simple. There is the auto spin feature. This feature will automatically spin the reels from 5 to 500 times, whichever you prefer. There is the ability to use manual play. Manually playing the game allows you to control how many lines to the amount per bet on each roll. This is the oldest and most traditional option for slot games.

Features of Wild Cat Canyon

The features of the game aid you in keeping up to date where you are financially with it in real time. It displays the amount you have left to play and the amount you are betting with each spin. It displays the amount of lines you are playing and the amount per line being played. When you win, the amount won is displayed immediately.

Rules of the Game

The rules of the game are simple are clear cut for the users to understand. You have the ability to play between 1 to 25 lines per play. This is so as long as the funds are available to bet. The pay table is a guide to how much lines will pay out upon winning. The pay line plays and pays per the amount bet for each line.

When the scatter is played, it will pay out the amount bet per line. When a scatter play is won, it will be added to the amount won according to the pay table. The highest amount will only be won according to the lines selected in the guide of the pay table. Winning of the different pay lines are added to your current balance. And all wins are only won from the left to the right.

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