Wild Catch

Wild Catch plays with a five reels and a 300 coin slot machine play with added benefits that will give you numerous chances of earning money through play. The game will offer 243 playable ways that you will be able to earn money during your game play. Along with the different ways of earning money you will have two main features from the wild free spins, scatter symbol and scatter free spins bonus games which give out free spins. Each bonus will give out its own pay out depending on the combination received while playing Wild Catch.

How to Play Wild Catch

The main object of the game is to spin the reels in hope of getting a winning combination with the symbols on the reels. Different combinations of symbols will win you different amounts according to the value of the symbols shown. Before spinning you will need to place your bet first to determine how much you will win after you have spun the reels.
The instructions for playing are as followed:
Make your bet using the plus or minus symbols to increase or decrease your bet
Make the maximum bet if you want before spinning the reels
After placing the bet click on the spin button to start the reel spinning
Once you have spun you can either win or not, if you win the number of coins won will be highlighted on the reels
If your spin does not win then you will need to spin once again for another chance of winning

Features of Wild Catch

There are three features that the game will offer to give the player more coins during play:

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol will be displayed as a fish this will help to activate the wild free spins then three appear of the reels during a spin. This will not increase the payout but it will set you up to getting to the bonus free spin round.

Wild Free Spins Bonus Game

After getting the bonus game you will then be given five free spins to make a winning combination. All wins made can be tripled during the additional spins in the bonus round.

Scattered Free Spins Bonus Game

When spinning and gaining 3 man symbols the user will then get twenty free spins. The coins won will give the user the ability to win ten times the amount won during the spins in the round.

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