Wild Poker Bonus Deuces

As a standard poker play, played with a single standard pack, Wild Poker Bonus Deuces is enhanced with double and wild cards to help the player earn as many as 5000 coins. The pack is always shuffled prior to dealing the cards. The most valuable combos include ace+4 deuces, (deuces) 4 of a kind, (aces) 5 of a kind and 4 5s, 4s, or 3s plus a wild card.
The aim of this game is to hold the most valuable hand.

How to Play Wild Poker Bonus Deuces

Coin size is selected by using –and+ keys
The betting amount is set by using the paytable.
5 cards are dealt when deal is pressed.
The player holds the desired cards by pressing on them.
The new cards are displayed after pressing draw.
Double is used after the player has won. If the player decides to play it, he needs to have a more valuable card than that of the dealer’s.
The player can collect his earnings by clicking on the collect button.
The amount won depends on the chosen size of the coins.
Each combo’s value can be seen across the paytable.
Natural royal flush cannot be finished by using deuces.

Features of Wild Poker Bonus Deuces


This feature allows the player to double his winnings. He needs to have a card that’s more valuable than the dealer’s card. There is an upper limit for this feature per game.
If the player loses, i.e. has a lower card, then the feature cannot be anymore.


These are wild cards used to replace all other cards, but for the royal flash that’s natural.

Rules of the Game

A standard pack of 52 is used.
The highest combinations start from royal flash (natural), four wild cards + ace, ace + 4 of a kind, 4 aces+ a wild card, 4 of 2s, 3s or 4s+ a wild card, and wild royal flush, and are then followed by the 5 of a kind (6-king), flush (straight), 4 of a kind and full house. The last places are held by 3 of flush, straight and 3 of a kind.

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