Winning Wizards

The regular video slots machine game winning wizards is a five coin slot machine game, with a total number of 5 reels and a total number of 5 pay lines. In the regular video slots machine game winning wizards there are no wild symbols and the maximum payout will end at ten thousands total coins in your account.

How to Play Winning Wizards

In order to win this game, the symbols must match up in an order of either right going toward left or left going toward right on the slot pay line. If an in game malfunction were to occur during slot play, than the game is considered to be not active. One coin is able to be bet for each pay line giving a maximum bet of five coins if all pay lines were to be bet on. The number of coins an individual will win from the winning wizards video slots machine game is completely dependent on the number of coins this individual is willing to be each round.

Features of Winning Wizards

Coins are the normal payout in Winning Wizards for every win. The scatter feature is available in the winning wizard’s video slot. If you feel like you are ready to play as an expert mode, than the winning wizards slot can be changed to the expert version of the game by simply clicking on the expert button on the game interface. The automatic play feature is also available for experienced slot machine players which gives people the ability to set the spin controls to meet their slot specifications.

If you feel some of the settings in the game are not the way they are meant to be than you can change the settings by opening up the options tab on the game interface and then navigating your way to the required settings field.

Winning wizards does have the gamble feature which some users enjoy playing with, however, if you rather play without the gamble feature than this can be turned off in the options and required settings group located on the game interface.

You also have the option to upload your own avatar image directly onto the slots game in order to be more easily recognizable and add a bit of personal touch to your winning wizards’ slot machine experience!

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