Witches Wealth

Witches Wealth is a slot machine game in which you are spinning five reels for a chance to win your own lump of the greedy Witches Wealth.
Match symbols on the reels to win. Get a wild symbol or scatter symbol and increase your chances to win! Special symbols unlock special bonus levels!

How to Play Witches Wealth

Select how many of the 9 paylines you would like to bet on. Place your bet and then spin the reels. Any bet placed on a payline showing three matching symbols is a winner. Payouts are dependent on the combination of symbols and initial payline bet. No matching symbols mean no payout. Only the highest winning combination is awarded.

Features of Witches Wealth

Special symbols in the game give you great bonuses!

A Wild Witch symbol acts as a wild card and can be used for any other regular symbol. The Scatter Bat is another special symbol that helps makes scatter combinations.
A Mr. Twinkles symbol can also pop up on the board. Find these symbols on an enabled payline and enjoy the Spinning Wand and Flying Rescue bonus games.

Rules of the Game

Witches Wealth has nine paylines each of which has a max bet of twenty coins, for a total bet of one hundred and eighty coins per pull. Payout tables are displayed on the board.

A Wild Witch Symbol can be used to complete any winning combinations. Three or more Scatter Bat symbols anywhere on the board is a scatter combination. This payout is multiplied by the number of regular coins bet. The Wild Witch symbol can be substituted for a Scatter Bat symbol but, not a Mr. Twinkles symbol.

If three or more Mr. Twinkles symbols show up on the board you activate a bonus game. The Spinning Wand is a bonus game where you spin a wheel to win random prize amounts. You may also activate another bonus game in this mode. The Flying rescue game can be activated through the Spinning Wand bonus game or getting five or more Mr. Twinkles on the enabled paylines.

The Flying Rescue bonus game starts by uncovering your random bonus win amount. You fly across a city skyline avoiding falling debris. If you fail you are paid out the random win amount. If you reach Mr. Twinkles your bonus win amount is doubled. Reach Mr. Twinkles and make it back across then the payout is tripled!

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