Yggdrasil Tree of Life

Yggdrasil is a slot machine that has 250 coin slots and comes in a tree of life design that is five reels. This means that there are permanently 243 different ways in which to play the slot machine.

How to Play Yggdrasil Tree of Life

The main objective of the game is to spin all of the reels and matchup the symbols into a combination that wins and gives a pay out to the player. This winning payout is dependent on a combination within the reels which is winning.

Features of Yggdrasil Tree of Life

The wild symbol

This is a symbol of a man and it represents a wild symbol
This will not substitute for another symbol and is the scatter symbol. It also will not be able to create a winning combination of its own in a pay way

What is the scatter symbol?

The Yggdrasil is the scatter symbol and is a logo which depicts the tree of life
This symbol will allow a combination to be one which is a winning scatter and will be achieved when the real shows three or more of the image. This then activates a bonus game.
Scatter wins are also available and are determined by multiplying the scatter symbols and their combination of payout to the maximum number of coins that are regularly bet.

What is The Yggdrasil bonus game?

If there are three or more Yggdrasil then the tree of life symbols which are scattered upon the reels will allow for activation of the Yggdrasil bonus game
You can then reveal random win amounts in a bonus game, and there are three different levels to play
Level one is the Yggdrasil roots
Level two is the trunk of the Yggdrasil
Level three is the branches of the Yggdrasil
You will find that there are 10 different objects on each level which are displayed and behind each object there is a different route
One of them is a bonus win, which is a random amount
The other is a symbol which allows you to move onto the next level
The other is a symbol which is a collection box and will end the game
Within the bonus game there will be displayed win amounts and these will have already been multiplied by the players total bets amount.

Rules of the Game

In order to play the game you must first take a bet. This is achieved by clicking spin and will begin the rails. When you’re playing you can get a winning combination and this will be highlighted. You will then be paid out the win amount and this will be displayed in the winning box.
If you do not win, the game is over but you can still play again.
You also have the ability of spinning a set of different numbers a selection of times by using the auto play method or the auto spin. However, these modes are only available in expert mode on some games.
Each game has a selection of different options concerning auto play and not all of these are available in all the different games
How is expert mode turned on
In order to gain access to expert mode one needs to click on expert and will then be able to actively open up auto play
How to use auto play
This is done by selecting an amount that you wish to bet. You can then begin the auto play session and play with the best value. If you have the ability to play expert mode then click expert. You can then click on auto play and in some games you will not be able to see the amount of spins that you have access to.

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